Levi’s Star Children’s Brain Tumour Charity

Established in 2008, Levi’s Star is a registered children’s brain tumour charity, set up in memory of a very missed little boy, Levi Ringer.  Levi was just 6 years old when he lost his life to the biggest cancer killer of UK children – a brain tumour.  Levi’s Star supports children who have been diagnosed with or are living with the effects of a brain tumour.

We support across Yorkshire and our objectives are:

  1. Offer grants to children with brain tumours and their families in the Yorkshire area.
  2. Raise awareness about this devastating disease.
  3. Promote research into established centres for cures of brain tumours & sponsor research into how children with brain tumours are supported within education.
  4. Offer support to children/young adults living with the effects of a brain tumour during and after treatment.

We are a small charity with a big heart, committed to supporting children suffering the devastation of a brain tumour diagnosis.  Levi’s Star would like to thank Camcare for their ongoing support and fundraising efforts.  If you would like to know more about the great work we do, or if you would like to donate to our very worthy cause, please visit our website www.levisstar.co.uk