K-Flexi Files 25mm (6 Pack)


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Size 25mm CAMKFF25-15
Size 25mm CAMKFF25-20
Size 25mm CAMKFF25-25
Size 25mm CAMKFF25-30
Size 25mm CAMKFF25-35
Size 25mm CAMKFF25-40
Assorted 25mm 15-40 CAMKFFA25-01

Camcare Health offer wide range of stainless steel ISO colour coded K- Flexi Files. Hand files for endodontics are produced to give the operator a smooth tactile sense inside the canal during instrumentation.

ISO Colour Coded available in 21mm & 25mm length.
Pack size 6.

Additional Information

Size 25mm CAMKFF25-15, Size 25mm CAMKFF25-20, Size 25mm CAMKFF25-25, Size 25mm CAMKFF25-30, Size 25mm CAMKFF25-35, Size 25mm CAMKFF25-40, Assorted 25mm 15-40 CAMKFFA25-01