Zenit Nano Ceramic Composite Kit


Nano Composite is a composite that can be cured with light and polished with high brightness. It includes ultra-thin radio-opaque porcelain filling that is used for the treatment of adhesive filling. It can be polished with high brightness.  Light-curing nano-composite with excellent handling properties. Contains: 4gr syringe of A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, A2O, W2; 5ml Prebond (5th Generation Adhesive System); 3ml etching gel; Dynamic Flow Refill A2 shade; shade guide; 50 applicators; 4x mixing wells; user guide.

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Ultrafine filler for extremely homogeneous restorations, with excellent polishability. Shade of the filling matches the tooth structure outstanding physical properties and optimized handling. Reduced shrinkage. For all cavity classes.