Universal Micro Hybrid Standard Kit


DYNAMIC PLUS is a visible light cure micro-hybrid composite for anterior and posterior restoration. Suitable for all cavities and posterior restorations. Contains: 4ml syringe shades A1, A2, A3, A3-5, B2, B3, A2Q, I; 5 ml prebond bonding agent; 2x 3ml etching gel syringes; 50 applicators; 2x 10 pcs acid tips; user guide

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Dynamic Plus range is a complete range of restorative materials that offer versatility. The result is the ideal combination of performance and value, with an easy handling, non-sticky formula that won’t slump. Excellent wear resistance and superior performance at the margin, and resists chipping and fracturing for long-lasting restorations. Simple technique with excellent polishability and long working time. Suitable for all cavities in anterior & posterior teeth.